A note to our community on COVID-19

Dear Clients and Business Associates,

As the threat of coronavirus continues to spread, I want to reassure you that we have implemented CDC-recommended policies and procedures designed to protect the health and well-being of our employees, clients, customers and stakeholders.

With our pre-existing remote policy and the infrastructure and tools in place, our teams can avoid disruption of service and work remotely from home, promoting social distancing. Our offices will remain operational and we will keep employees connected securely to keep projects documented and moving forward.

Sargenti is actively monitoring the development of coronavirus and we have developed a strategy that enables us to communicate factually and effectively to employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders. We have tested emergency contact systems and prioritized remote technology capabilities that can support continued collaboration, as well as information back-up and documentation. These processes are critical to continuity when a crisis such as COVID-19 can take businesses offline.

Our IT infrastructure and security plans address integrated processes, network availability and support systems. We will continually develop contingency plans during the pandemic and ensure that our employees are safe and work activities take place outside of a shared physical space. Our teams will maintain ongoing communication with you, and we don’t anticipate any interruption to the high level of service you expect from us.

We will keep our teams operating as usual and we understand your concerns about deliveries, project deadlines and appointments. If there are any impacts to a project, we will inform you immediately.

Sargenti has taken extra precautions to promote safety such as:

  • Using disinfecting sanitizers throughout the office
    Following the CDC-guidelines on how to manage anxiety and stress
  • Wiping surfaces with disinfectants every few hours with extra towards door handles, high-touch areas and countertops
  • Keeping our staff aware of COVID-19 symptoms and taking appropriate actions
  • Encouraging our staff to follow the CDC-guidelines for cleanliness and personal hygiene that include washing hands frequently
  • Working remotely from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Social Distancing and avoiding gatherings or postponing in-person events that consist of 50 people or more
  • Avoid all traveling and to follow the travel recommendations of the CDC

We are truly honored that you have chosen Sargenti and we will continually work to meet the demands of each project. Thank you for your support, trust and understanding during this pandemic. Our business will continue to work on your projects and deadlines. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you again for your partnership. Please stay safe and healthy.


Robert J. Sargenti, Jr.