Rory Aitkenhead

Head of Architecture - London Office

Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” – Charles Eames

Rory Aitkenhead is an ARB & RIBA registered architect with over 10 years of experience in the retail, restaurant, residential, theatre, nightclub, stadium and office industries. He’s lead numerous projects from concept to completion on the architecture and construction side. Throughout his career he has used a multitude of mediums, tools, methods and scales and worked closely with clients, consultants, statutory authorities and contractors. In 2014 he joined SODA as lead project architect and contract administrator for their flagship project Walker’s Court, a mixed-use redevelopment including a rotating theatre, office, retail, residential, restaurant and nightclub space in the heart of Soho. The project arises from a series of deft strategic moves utilizing existing and new build fabric and was featured in Architecture Today, Blueprint Magazine, The RIBA Journal, DeZeen and Wallpaper as the Art Deco glamour of Soho. Prior to this at Leslie Jones Architecture he worked on a £50M retail redevelopment of Sheffield city center taking the project from conception to completion and gained planning permission for a mixed use retail £150M development in Watford North London. Rory continues to lead teams of varying sizes for big and small developments and works closely with clients, contractors, project/development managers, engineers and consultants.

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