Shane Molnar

Managing Director - Phoenix and Dallas

Work for a cause, not applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt."

Shane has moved through the architectural ranks since starting his career in 1981 as a plans runner and then permit expeditor.

During his 30+ years in the industry, Shane has held the titles of Project Manager, Studio Director and Director of Operations. Shane has a proven track record of working with high volume accounts including; T-Mobile USA, MetroPCS, Liz Claiborne Brands and Pacsun. Shane’s success has been based on his high level of client communication/service, accountability to his team and his extensive understanding of retail architecture. Shane is now the Regional Managing Director for Sargenti Architect’s new Phoenix office and his responsibility is building and managing the architectural team.

Shane Molnar

Team Members

  • Jelena Nikolic Head of Design

  • Alexander S. Peck Senior Project Manager

  • April Nahm Project Manager I

  • Jessica Budge Project Manager I

  • Kristen Cooper Project Manager I

  • Jeewon Pak Project Manager | Design

  • Julie Linebarger Project Manager II

  • Aslesha Basnet Assistant Project Manager

  • Bruce Cann Assistant Project Manager

  • Rachel Banta Assistant Project Manager

  • Randi Spohn Assistant Project Manager

  • Vanessa Torres Assistant Project Manager

  • Enoch Tang Lead Drafter

  • Stephen Ranieri Lead Drafter

  • Amanda Hutkowski Drafter

  • Amber Cavalliere Drafter

  • Cherrelle Thurman Drafter

  • Eduardo Perez-Rubio Drafter

  • Elan Morris Drafter

  • Kelsey Haught Drafter

  • Melissa Grieco Drafter

  • Naga Lakshmi Sumarchit Gadireddy Drafter