The Buzz: Uruguay’s Sacromonte Landscape Hotel Blends with Nature

Stretching over 250 acres of eastern Uruguay’s wild sierras sits the soon-to-open Sacromonte Crafted Wines and Landscape Hotel. Designed by Montevideo-based firm MAPA, the destination getaway is surrounded by lush grasslands, clusters of vineyards and rolling hills.

With the use of local, natural materials, MAPA designed four cabins made of pre-fabricated steel in Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, that blends harmoniously into the landscape. There are only five hectares of vineyards and to maintain high-quality wine, the land can’t be completely utilized as productive space. The hotel will soon open its doors to the public and by mid-2019 there will be nine more shelters and a central reception building. According to the master plan, none of these shelters will be visible from any other. This will allow guests to appreciate their surroundings in complete seclusion.

The new hotel will offer comfort and sophistication with uniquely shaped decks and private pools in each shelter. The layouts seem like that of planes where the sleeping and dining areas are segregated by sliding doors, while the bathroom and kitchen are located behind a wooden wall. Other facilities will include a farm-to-table restaurant with an adjoining winery and a reception pavilion that features both a hilltop terrace for wine-tasting and a wine store.

Uruguayan wineries are gaining international recognition for their premium wines, making this the perfect escape for wine lovers. The idyllic setting perfectly complements the hotel’s mission to celebrate all that nature has provided.