NYC born piercing studio Studs opened its first-ever L.A. location on Melrose Place with the help of Sargenti Architects. 

Known for its “instagram-able” interiors and wallet-pricing, the light-filled Studs offers appointment only, stress-free piercings in a safe and clean environment handled by top-notch professionals. As a women-owned business, Anna Harman (CEO) & Lisa Bubbers (CMO) says that the idea behind Studs was to “ reimagine the ear piercing and ear piercing experience that is also related to shopping.”

This location highlights a lot of neon colors, acrylic, LED lights, diachronic film, reflective materials, and more! What makes this location unique though, is this is the first time they turned their best-selling studs into stickers and posted them all over the storefront window. Once you walk into the store, you notice a blue transparent wall with a mirror shaped like water in this random but recognizable shape.